Mirren New Business Conference 2014

Great start to the new business conference this year hosted by Mirren. The first session Keynote was about values, and led by Alex Bogusky, an original founder of Crispin, Porter, & Bogusky – a large ad agency started in Miami. Bogusky left Crispin, Porter because he didn’t feel his values were aligned any longer with the business.

He’s now working on social related projects that “do good in the world.”

The one thing from this morning that has always resonated with me is that there is a price to pay when your values are misaligned with the business. Now that Alex has “been there and done that,” he’s focused on doing things that change the world. Check out Bogusky and his Fearless Revolution project.

I’ve got a little something in the works too, called “Thinkified” to help harness the brainpower of the world and make real positive and impactful change. Thanks Bogusky, you’ve just reaffirmed for me I’m on the right path – and it feels “good.”

I’m looking forward to the rest of the conference!

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