Ad Age Digital Conference 2014, NYC

I attended the Ad Age Digital this year in NYC. The topic of all the rage was mobile, budgeting, and metrics for judging advertising in general. Speakers such as Mike Hopkins РCEO at Hulu, Carolyn Feinstein РSVP at EA, Elyssa Gray РHead of Creative and Media at Citi, Brian Monahan РVP at, Clive Sirkin РCMO at Kimberly-Clark, and Mark Addicks РSVP, CMO at General Mills were all in attendance. Many other large brands such as Nestlé,, and Audi also graced the stages.

It is apparent that big brand’s budgets are still heavy in traditional media, although they are all talking digital. Some of the thought-leaders of the industry are recommending that brands no longer budget a year in advance since the marketplace changes too rapidly (quarterly is better), that they turn the tables and flip the investment amounts to be heavier into digital, and maintain a 20% portion of the budget for experimentation throughout the year.

“Share of Homescreen” on mobile devices and App Store optimization are also replacing the traditional PPC and SEO conversations as users spend more and more time in these areas. CMOs are being expected to take on responsibility for driving revenue and playing a part in customer service. And although no one is watching television commercials on the networks thanks to DVRs, Hulu, Youtube, and other players in the market are gaining advertising dollars and viewership numbers as the average hours of TV watched by consumers continues to rise.